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Malware op Youtube

A virus has been detected in a Grand Theft Auto mod video that’s being spread on YouTube.

While it’s still safe to view the video directly on YouTube’s website, following the external link posted in the video and downloading the subsequent “Grand Theft Auto” mod will infect your computer. The most recent video to carry the virus is called “Hood Life” and has surprised some with its ability to infect any computers at all, given the extremely poor quality of the video itself, leaving people to wonder why it’s being downloaded in the first place. It certainly doesn’t look like anything that would be remotely affiliated with the rather graphic video game.

The creators of the virus are using the video as bait to direct you to another website, where the virus can be downloaded. The virus will effectively freeze your computer, forcing you to reboot, whereupon the virus will take affect. This isn’t the first time malware has been found on YouTube videos. In the past month, a Trojan horse virus was discovered in the form of Zlob adware.

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3 juli 2007 - Posted by | industry, video, web 2.0

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