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Chinees Leger hackt Pentagon

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Pentagon hacked by Chinese Army

The Chinese military has hacked into a computer network at the Pentagon last June, making it the most successful cyber attack on the U.S. defense department.

The Pentagon responded to the attack by shutting down part of its computer system from the office of Robert Gates, the U.S. Defense Secretary. The network was taken down for over a week in order to determine the points of weakness. The identity of the attacker has not been revealed, but the attack was thought to have come from the People’s Liberation Army. This would be difficult to confirm as it’s been reported that some hackers will mask their location so that it appears to be coming from another government entity. It’s been noted that hackers from various locations in China have spent months probing the Pentagon system, and unfortunately succeeded in finding a vulnerability.

This situation has of course stepped up security concerns for not only the U.S.but other countries as well, and addresses the need for secure networks for email, etc. An internal social network has been created by the National Defense, specifically for spies to communicate with each other. While the network is secure, it does raise relevant issues of whether or not a system such as this, secure or not, is presenting more security vulnerabilities or protecting against them.

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