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Improving Traditional Media through Social Media

A couple of weeks ago we got into what is, in my opinion, the most important characteristic of social media advertising: In social media, the publisher is the consumer. Call it what you like — “the voice of the consumer,” “conversational marketing,” “pull marketing” — it’s clear that there is a lot more to social media’s advertising potential than as simply another delivery mechanism of ad messages. Within the dialogue of marketers, social media, and publisher/consumers lies the key not only to delivering, but shaping, a brand’s message. Even beyond this, deep in the depths of the data of the social media dialogue, is the ability for brands to shape product and service offerings to better serve the market. It’s not as far out there as it sounds, and unlocking this potential is already the goal of a number of forward-looking technologies and brands.

Take Nielsen’s new undertaking, Hey! Nielsen. From what I can gather, though I haven’t actually used the system still in “stealth,” Nielsen is creating an online social media community that will be able to better capture the data of the dialogue occurring on its social network about new television shows, celebrities, etc. Fantastic!” …
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4 september 2007 - Posted by | communication, marketing, media, trends, web 2.0

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