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Newspapers: Engaging Young Readers

Young readers represent the future of the newspaper industry. This report describes what newspapers are doing and must do to capture the time and interest of the new generation, no matter what the channel.

Extract of the Executive Summary:

For newspapers around the world, reaching young audiences is the Holy Grail. However, newspapers that have developed young reader strategies have learned firsthand that the youth market is elusive. Youth are faced with a multitude of media choices and they are currently less likely to read newspapers than in previous generations. Media channels of choice for young people trend toward TV, mobile and the Internet. The World Association of Newspapers is committed to assisting newspaper companies in reinvigorating young readers’ appetite for newspapers.

WAN’s Shaping the Future of the Newspaper project has developed the Engaging Young Readers report to explore the opportunities to reach the young reader, and to understand the content preferences and media usage patterns of the young.

In order to achieve those goals, this report will delve into three key areas of strategic development for capturing the elusive youth audience:
1. Research: Identify myths about youth media consumption and execute research to identify truths; study publisher/editor attitudes and plans about young readers.
2. Strategy: Create strategies to reach youth market.
3. Tactics: Follow through on strategies by producing new products on a variety of channels.

The chapters in this report detail the three components of Young Reader strategic development.


18 december 2007 - Posted by | communication, HowTo, industry, marketing, media, trends

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