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The Clinton Chronicles: how citizen is this journalism? (No 2 Top 100 New Google Vids)

“The story behind Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Mena Arkansas cocaine smuggling operation they ran, while Bill was govenor, prior to the presidency.”


The film was produced by Citizens for Honest Government, a project of a Westminster, California non-profit organization named Creative Ministries Inc, which also spawned Jeremiah Films, Matrisciana’s production company.[3] Some of the funding for the film came from long-time Clinton opponent Larry Nichols.[4] Over 300,000 copies of the film were put into circulation.[5]

VHS copies of the film were promoted and distributed via television infomercials by Moral Majority leader Rev. Jerry Falwell, who also appears in the film.[1] Falwell’s infomercial for the 80-minute tape included footage of Falwell interviewing a silhouetted journalist who was afraid for his life. The journalist accused Clinton of orchestrating the deaths of several reporters and personal confidants who had gotten too close to his illegalities. However, it was subsequently revealed that the silhouetted journalist was, in fact, Patrick Matrisciana, the producer of the video and president of Citizens for Honest Government. “Obviously, I’m not an investigative reporter,” Matrisciana admitted (to investigative journalist Murray Waas), “and I doubt our lives were actually ever in any real danger. That was Jerry’s idea to do that … He thought that would be dramatic.”[1] In a 2005 interview for The Hunting of the President Falwell admitted, “To this day I do not know the accuracy of the claims made in The Clinton Chronicles.”


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