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YouTube Kings: Tube-dee-doo rap feat. Milo Ventimiglia aka Peter Petrelli (Heroes)

Nice auto-promo by PeeDeeFlo (check those YouTube All Stars):

Same “dudes” made this Kings of Myspace 1.5 y ago:


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Leterme bedankt voor steun op youtube: who are you kidding?

Yves Leterme bedankt via een filmpje op YouTube voor de steun die hij heeft gekregen tijdens z’n verblijf in Gasthuisberg. 

Typische masterminded rip-off. Letermes “homevideo-boodschap” is professioneel gemaakt, maar zou als een amateur-initiatief moeten overkomen.
De wipe waarmee de video opent wijst op post-productie, maar wat alles slaat is het blinkende “rec” bolletje en het frame: dat zie je alleen door het vizier van een camera, nooit op ’t uiteindelijke beeld. Om van de hoge beeldkwaliteit nog maar te zwijgen. En dan doet ‘ie nog of ‘ie zelf op het rec-knopje drukt en dan gaat zitten. Kzou bijna zeggen, kiezersbedrog. Of liever kijkersbedrog.

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iBand: micromusic with 2 iPhones, 1 DS

2 iPhones, 1 Nintendo ds. Go create?

Or check this: music made with Windows 98 & XP sounds only:

Wanna know more on Micromusic, “low-tech music for high-tech people”.

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CNN launches iReport: UGC on speed

“a brand new beta site for uncensored, user-powered news. CNN built the tools, you take it from there. All the stories here are user-generated and instant: CNN does not vet or verify their authenticity or accuracy before they post. The ones with the “On CNN” stamp have been vetted and used in CNN news coverage.”

See for yourself.

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Bekijk de video: confituur-orgie en de Bende van Nijvel

(Bekijk de video hieronder) Youtube ligt aan de bron van een item in het VRT-journaal en de hype van de week in de blogosfeer.

Een filmpje waarop onder meer ex-gevangenisdirecteur Jean Bultot herkenbaar zou zijn werd na bekendmaking van het nieuws verwijderd door de user. Maar YouTube is op dat vlak niet te stoppen. Het parket is echter op zoek naar de eerste user, “littlekamel2”, die het online wierp. Anybody?

[UPDATE] Op maandag 18-02 werd in het VRT-radionieuws gesteld dat YouTube de video verwijderd zou hebben. Niets is minder waar en er is geen censuur gepleegd, de gebruiker heeft het zelf offline gehaald. M.a.w., niet alles wat je op een blog leest is waar. Lees er alles over op

Bij deze de video opgenomen in de dodgy club “Jonathan”, waar het begin van een weinig erotische confituur-sex-party zich aankondigt:

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Valentine: a special gift by La Fille d’O & Regi (Dutch)

Murielle Scherre (La Fille d’O), Belgian lingerie queen:

Regi Pinxten (DJ Regi, Regi’s World on JIM, Milk Inc), Belgian dance king:

By Gobots

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The Clinton Chronicles: how citizen is this journalism? (No 2 Top 100 New Google Vids)

“The story behind Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Mena Arkansas cocaine smuggling operation they ran, while Bill was govenor, prior to the presidency.”


The film was produced by Citizens for Honest Government, a project of a Westminster, California non-profit organization named Creative Ministries Inc, which also spawned Jeremiah Films, Matrisciana’s production company.[3] Some of the funding for the film came from long-time Clinton opponent Larry Nichols.[4] Over 300,000 copies of the film were put into circulation.[5]

VHS copies of the film were promoted and distributed via television infomercials by Moral Majority leader Rev. Jerry Falwell, who also appears in the film.[1] Falwell’s infomercial for the 80-minute tape included footage of Falwell interviewing a silhouetted journalist who was afraid for his life. The journalist accused Clinton of orchestrating the deaths of several reporters and personal confidants who had gotten too close to his illegalities. However, it was subsequently revealed that the silhouetted journalist was, in fact, Patrick Matrisciana, the producer of the video and president of Citizens for Honest Government. “Obviously, I’m not an investigative reporter,” Matrisciana admitted (to investigative journalist Murray Waas), “and I doubt our lives were actually ever in any real danger. That was Jerry’s idea to do that … He thought that would be dramatic.”[1] In a 2005 interview for The Hunting of the President Falwell admitted, “To this day I do not know the accuracy of the claims made in The Clinton Chronicles.”

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Frozen Grand Central, N.Y. Flash mobbing = art?

Latest initiative by Improv Everywhere:

Remember this one though? Flash Mob silent rave in Victoria Station, UK:

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The Dark Knight Trailer. Lego mashup

After the real intro of The Simpsons series, the new Batman does is Lego-style

Compare with the original:

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Magazines making efforts in digitalizing world

Examplatory extract:


Publishing Company

Type of DigitalInitiative Description DateAnnounced
Newsweek Video, live webcasts, blogs, live forums Newsweek and will provide six hours of continuous live video coverage of the election returns alongside online reporting from every primary state on February 5, 2008. Newsweek and are combining video and political journalism to create a unique interactive experience by allowing users to interact in live discussion forums that video hosts will draw upon for questions. Continuously updated blog posts from Washington Post reporters on “The Trail” will be available on the Post Politics page, and through and Newsweek’s homepages. February 1, 2008
New York Magazine Content sharing partnerships New York Media and Halstead Property have made a content-sharing partnership that will provide real estate listings on with restaurant, bar and retailer info from New York magazine’s website. Readers can search real estate listings on and view local events; entertainment venues; restaurants and more with supplying content to the Halstead website via live feeds. The partnership will be promoted through a major ad campaign in New York magazine, The New York Times, and other outlets. “By partnering with New York Media, we are able to provide the consumer with valuable editorial content to the top restaurants and shops within a few blocks of our residential listings,” said Diane M. Ramirez, president of Halstead Property. January 30, 2008
Businessweek Online channel, blogs, podcasts, videos BusinessWeek is launching its new Lifestyle Channel  featuring “Autos”, “Real Estate”, “Travel”, “Executive Health” and “Living Well” sub-channels. New content will be published Monday through Friday, featuring articles, blogs, lists, videos and more. The Lifestyle Channel will be led by Charles DuBow, Director of New Products for January 29, 2008
Newsweek New online magazine, interactive tools Newsweek and the Washington Post have launched “The Root” a daily online magazine that aims to foster thought-provoking discussion of issues from a variety of African-American/Black perspectives: with a round-up of news from around the world; an interactive genealogical section. It is intended as an online destination devoted to the Black experience. January 28, 2008

What initiatives have print magazines undertaken to face the digital challenges?
Read the rest of this fascinating overview 2008 (incl links dating back to 2005!)

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